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Limited Time Offer

Publicize Your Restaurant with Easy Peasy PR

Congratulations on opening your restaurant. Now it’s time to learn how to get more news and social media coverage. Easy Peasy PR for New Restaurants is a public relations training course aimed specifically at restaurant owners who don’t have extra money to hire a public relations agency. It’s a cost-effective, do-it-yourself-solution, based on the practices and techniques of a seasoned PR professional who has had hundreds of media hits for his restaurant clients.

New Restaurant PR Training Course By David Ligon

In this training course, you will learn how to:

  • Write a news release that will get you covered in the press
  • Find the appropriate media to contact and how to pitch them
  • Build an eye-poppin’, yet functional website in under one hour*
  • Create all the popular social media accounts in minutes
  • Write a PR plan for your new restaurant opening
  • Tips on doing interviews
  • Does your local TV market do cooking demos on the local news, I show you tried and true techniques for getting on TV
  • And much, much more

Stop Paying PR Firms for Your Publicity.

I would like to thank restaurants for spending thousands of dollars for my public relations services. I didn’t buy my car, a restaurant client did. I didn’t buy all my suits, a restaurant client did. The last vacation I took was essentially paid for by a restaurant. You know, a restaurant just like yours. Why they insist on putting money in my pocket to do the very things they can do themselves, I don’t know. But thank you.

I exaggerate, of course, to prove a point. I’m good at what I do. My techniques and strategies get results. But, other than perhaps being a better writer than most, I’m not doing anything super special that without the proper training (or just simple knowledge), these restaurants couldn’t have done for themselves. If you have thousands of extra dollars, then by all means, hire a PR pro like me. Big chains, restaurants with deep pocketed investors, they can afford to spend the extra money. But can you? Do you have investors with deep pockets? If not, then the Easy Peasy PR for Restaurants course is for you.

How to Get Free Media for Your Restaurant.

How do you get on TV, or get newspapers and magazines to write about you? I’d like to say it takes years and years of hard work and practice. I’d like to say what I do is so difficult that you must hire me to get it done. I could say that, but the truth is, I can show you the simple steps I take to get my restuarants on TV, on the radio, in magazines and in newspapers. It doesn’t take years from you, it takes planning. It doesn’t take college degrees from you, it takes a little bit of studying and a little more doing. I already put in the years of learning, and I am passing it on to you in a matter of hours.

The Easy Peasy PR for Restaurants course even gives you some of the means to do it. You’re not a good writer? Okay. Just use one of the news releases I already wrote and plug in your info. Don’t know what to say to a producer? Okay. Just take the email I already wrote and plug in your information. Don’t know who to contact? Okay. Just watch my video where I spell it out for you. I’ve gotten my restaurant clients media coverage hundreds of times. I know how to do it. And in this course, I show you step-by-step. I keep the videos short and relevant. And give you materials that show you how to do it, and in some cases, are easily adaptable so you can use it yourself.

It Sounds So Easy. What’s the Catch?

The catch is, you have to be willing to do the work, or have your team do it. You see, the secret is, one person doesn’t have to do it all. Who’s your best writer? Have him write the materials. Who’s your best researcher? Put her in charge of researching the best media to contact. Who’s your best photographer? Have her take the photos that need to be taken.

Let me be plain as I can be. If you are willing to do the work, you can get free publicity. It doesn’t come without effort, but it’s pretty easy if you follow the path that I’ve laid out. Write a PR plan. Create a media kit. Write a news release. Contact the media. Create a website. Create social media accounts. Plus a few more steps. You’ll see, it really is easy peasy.

Course Outline

Here is an outline of the topics we plan on covering in this online course.**

1. Introduction

1. EZPZ PR Introduction

2. Writing PR Plan

2a. Introduction to Writing A PR Plan
2b. Basics of a PR Plan

3. Social Media

3a. Social Media Introduction
3b. Create Twitter Account
3c. Create Instagram Account
3d. Create Facebook Account
3e. Create Yelp Account
3f. Create SnapChat Account
3g. Create Google Business Account
3h. When to Use Each Platform
3i. Top 10 Twitter Mistakes

4. Build a Restaurant Website

4a. Create Website Introduction
4b. Register Domain Name
4c. Features that Every Restaurant Website Needs
4d. Create Wix Website
4e. Create Divi Website
4f. Create Google Analytics Account
4g. WordPress Plugins Overview
4h. Cost Comparison Divi vs. Wix

5. Know Your Market

5a. Introduction to Know Your Market

6. Being Interviewed By Media

6a. Introduction to Being Interviewed
6b. What To Say / What Not Say

7. Build Your Media List

7a. Build Media List Introduction
7b. Build Media List

8. Influencers

8a. List of Influencers Introduction
8b. Creating List of Influencers

9. Writing A News Release

9a. Writing News Release Introduction
9b. News Release vs. Media Advisory
9c. What is News?
9d. Elements of a News Release
9e. Gathering Information for News Release
9f. Writing the News Release
9g. Creating Letterhead Template – Vertical Logo [bonus]
9h. Creating Letterhead Template – Horizontal Logo [bonus]

10. Building A Media Kit

10a. Building a Media Kit Introduction
10b. What goes in a media kit
10c. Writing the Bio
10d. Restaurant Description
10e. High Res Photos / Logo
10f. Add to Website
10g. Fact Sheet
10h. Menus
10i. Contact Info

11. Pitching the Media

11a. Pitching Media Introduction
11b. What is News?
11c. Who to Target?
11d. Phone Calls
11e. Email
11f. Traditional Media vs. Non-Traditional

12. Newsletter

12a. Introduction to Newsletter
12b. Building a List
12c. Platforms that are Available
12d. Design Newsletter with MailChimp
12e. Design Newsletter with MailerLite

13. Grand Opening

13a. Introduction to Grand Opening
13b. Tastings
13c. Who to Invite

14. Cooking Demos on TV

14a. Introduction to Cooking on TV
14b. You’re Booked, Now What?
14c. What To Bring On TV
14d. Interview Tips (Cook and Talk)
14e. Completed Dish

15. Food Photography Basics

15a. Food Photography Basics Introduction
15b. Food Photography Basics – Tips
15c. Gear You Will Need

** subject to change

Limited Time Offer

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